Riveting is one of the most prominent and common methods of fastening two similar metal components. Continuous researches and developments in the area of riveting have replaced traditional tedious processes. It is an astonishing fact to know that bulky spot welding machines in the industries are getting replaced with simple, compact, automated and highly reliable Sheet metal Riveting Presses.

One such masterpiece is the creation of Neumatica Technologies, under the brand name Press-O-Matic. Standing as pioneers in pressing machines and solutions since 1992, Neumatica has been known for perpetual innovations, integration of automation solutions into pressing and technological advancements in the domain. Solutions, being another prominent area of focus Neumatica has built several SMR(Sheet metal riveting Machines) making multiple forming operations possible in one single standing piece of Technology. The operations such as clinching and riveting of various component sizes can now be executed in a single machine, Press-O-Matic Sheet metal Riveting Machine.

This SMR houses contemporary features such as automatic component feeding, automatic load setting, 100% safety of fingers through Neumatica’s own patented technology “Protect-A-Finger”,  PLC operated controls, Easy operator handling, Turret based tooling system that ensures superior quality of finishing on the job and productivity at its best.

Clinching & Riveting – A pure cold forming process of joining similar sheet metals. This process ranks no.1 in cold forming processes in the industries such as Automobile, Aerospace and Sheet metal in General, it being a highly simple process with the elimination of preparatory operations such as punching, drilling and also cleaning of the parts under formation.

Clinching can be executed on different components such as Studs, Clinch nuts, standoffs and more interestingly in joining of two sheet metals that have replaced spot welding machines across industries in the recent past. Another prominent application that this machine executes is Riveting with controlled load and aesthetic finish on the job.

Some of the Customization Key Features of Press-O-Matic SMR are as follows

Machine Pressing Capacity  4T/ 8T
Press Cylinder Model Press-O-matic | PNA100-06-04T/8T
Throat Depth 400mm/600mm/800mm
Daylight 80-220mm
Total Stroke 100mm
Power stroke 6mm
Type of Automation Automatic PLC operated
Type of Table Tubular Hollow Structure
Special features Protect-A-FingerAutomatic component feedingData recording Automatic Load settingAutomatic load testing OK/NOT OK4 station Turret  

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